Director says

It is the policy of PZONE to aim to provide defect free products the first time and every time and to provide services to meet our customers' need.

PZONE quality philosophy calls upon all employees to strive for continuous improvement process and sets a zero defect goal as the acceptable level of performance.

The name "PZONE" has been synonymous with quality and accuracy since its inception in 2006. We are recognized as a world class exporter of RO with state of the art manufacturing philosophies, continuous process and product development and the most sophisticated technical support for our esteemed global customers. Design and material composition of our different REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM has been steadily improved due to increasing demands of load carrying capacity, sliding velocity and resistance to wear. Out superior production and testing facilities are decisive in enabling us to maintain a steady quality of.

About Pzone

PZONE was established in the year 2006 with a quest to feed superior quality RO into the Indian and International markets. Right from its birth, the company has been improving on its quality with every passing day and has never looked back. It has only looked ahead to betterment, whether in raw materials, machining processes, packaging, marketing strategies, quality and precision.

PZONE has come up to safeguard you & your family against any kind of water borne diseases, with its unique & stringent Water Purification Systems that match the international standards in their efficacy to deliver pure drinking water.

Interesting Facts

Do you know that water, you used to intake daily contains:

  1. Physical impurities like suspended particles, sand, dirt, dust, rust, silt, color, turbidity etc.
  2. Microbiological impurities like germs, bacteria & viruses.t
  3. Toxic chemical impurities like mercury, chromium, arsenic, lead, fluoride, etc.
  4. Dissolved impurities like heavy salts, calcium , magnesium sodium etc.